Headline Heist: 105 Custom Crafted Mental Health Article Headlines You Can Steal and Use Today | Content Marketing and SEO in a Download

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Headline Heist: 105 Custom Crafted Mental Health Article Headlines You Can Steal and Use Today | Content Marketing and SEO in a Download

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Plan up to 10 Years of Content

...Without Having To Dream Up A Single Title?

Yes. With the no-nonsense, no fluff "Headline Heist" guide from Headline Thief.

It's because therapists write... and because they write well, that this guide was created. Therapists often write thoughtful, lengthy posts that express their approach to mental health... sometimes they write about their own journey... These posts can help guide prospective patients and clients to through their door once they've landed on their website's porch.

But how effective are those posts at drawing patients to their door based on typical Google searches? Sadly, many miss the mark. Writing that is optimized for search engines makes a difference. And properly written content feels natural and looks natural to Google and the reader. Are the headlines appealing enough to separate one practice from another in a crowded marketplace? This guide will show you the way, and I'm offering it with a rock solid guarantee.

A Better Way

In this Headline Heist bundle, medical writer Doc Kane delivers up a bevy of content ideas that therapists, coaches, mental health professionals and content creators can use immediately as a jumping off point to create reading material users are actually searching for on Google. Doc's content has been the driver of millions of successful journeys through PatientConnect365.com a website dedicated to the dental profession, and his marketing and promotional content has supported thousands of dentists who are clients of the patient communications and marketing firm, RevenueWell. Now, at the behest of his own therapist, he's taken his pen to the mental health field to help mental health professionals continue to drive good clinical outcomes by providing actionable, educational, and informative content that supports patients both in and out of the office.

Brand NEW Fresh Content

Compiled in January of 2020, the 105 article titles cover topics as diverse as:

  • Depression
  • Excessive Drinking
  • Infidelity
  • Loneliness
  • Physical Health Concerns (Sleep, Overwork)
  • Confrontation
  • ADHD
  • Family Therapy and Adolescent Therapy

... and many more.

This no-nonsense guide is designed to get you from writing about what you feel might be right, to writing about what IS write based upon what people want to read.

Headlines are important. Search demands it.

Put your practice, blog or other mental health related project on the right track with this short, affordable, and straightforward guide that will remove writer's block and get you writing, writing, writing in ways that attract and educate both today and tomorrow.

Write more. Plan less.

ā€” with Headline Thief.

Oh! I almost forgot.

Everything is Guaranteed.

As always, if you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase and feel it isn't helping you create content, simply send me an email within 30 days, and you will receive a complete, no questions asked refund of the total price you pay. How's that sound? Pretty good? Cool. I totally stand behind my work, and believe you will indeed benefit from The Heist.


I want this!

145 pages of content. 105 Custom Crafted Headlines. 83 Pages of Raw Google Search Data. Medical Copywriting Consulting in a Download.

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